About Us

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Bubblegum's Creations was founded by Denise Lee. Denise moved to South Florida at the age of five, where she developed her passion for art and creativity.

Bubblegum's Creations was established in June of 2011 and is based out of Opa-Locka, Florida. The majority of our business has been driven via Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Denise is the sole owner and Creative Executive Officer of Bubblegum's Creations. She gives every custom order her full and undivided attention. Denise is very dedicated to her crafts to the very last detail. If there is anything that you do not see in our online shop, please contact us. We look forward in creating something special for you.

About Denise
Ever since I can remember, my creativity level was always at an all time high. I remember in elementary school, the teacher would hand out the homework, and while she was passing them out to the other students, I would be doodling and coloring all over my homework (since I had already finished the work).

In High School, I took TV production, journalism, and I was part of the yearbook club. Taking pictures and setting out the layouts were my favorite part. I always wanted to learn calligraphy and until this day, have yet to venture in that field but definitely practice whenever I get the chance.

After bouncing from job to job, trade after trade, I began to make hairbows for my friends who were having kids. I had one friend then ask me if I could make her a tutu. I told her, "I've never made one before, but I'll make it. If you like it, then you can buy it". Long story short, she loved it and would always ask me to create the most random items. I will then research how to make them, test my luck, and walaa!

Later on, my sister got pregnant, and yes it was a girl. Which at that point I would always research and watch all type of DIY videos so that I could create something for my new baby niece. I would create bows, headbands, tutu's and then it was time to celebrate her birthdays. Of course, I wanted to make her birthdays memorable, so I began to custom make EVERYTHING LOL!!!

With that being said, I started to promote my work on social media as well as through word of mouth and I began to get a following leading me to create more custom items. So, after a lot DIY videos, researching, and self teaching, I decided to really focus on custom items to sell. I really enjoy making all of the products in my shop. I hope that you will enjoy the custom items and if you shall have any questions that weren't mentioned here or would like to request a custom item, feel free to contact me. Hope in hearing from you soon!!

Live Fabulous!